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  • ESG and Fireworks at New Year’s

    ESG has received concerns once again from the public about the widespread and extensive release of highly impacting fireworks at New Years Eve.

    People in estates, especially, are most affected with noise amplification within patio areas, as well as associated prolonged bouts of smoke filled air. The elderly, the young and pets always suffer, and it is a real shame that in a small community such as ours, a fairer solution isn’t found to suit all.

     The law, as it stands, actually forbids the wanton use and release of fireworks in public places, but this is not being applied and infringements of the law are actually being condoned.

    The ESG calls on the authorities, who it recognises as having taken some steps to reduce the spread of illegal fireworks, to now control where the public can release these for their own enjoyment.

    Regrettably, the alternative, which is full compliance with the law, and a complete ban on street fireworks, is not being endorsed by the authorities, from the responses we have had recently.

    Nevertheless, estate bans should be in place and carefully supervised public areas set up for regulated use.

    The group does not want to stop people from enjoying New Years, but rather, to enable more people to celebrate this special time in relative peace and comfort.