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  • ESG and Beach users react to La Linea news of action on sewage

    The ESG and beach users at Western Beach greet the news of planned action taken by La Linea authority on its sewage disposal with a huge sense of relief.

    A statement issued yesterday 22nd March by la Linea Ayuntamiento  confirms in some detail how the issue of collapsed piping and new sewage collectors will be set up to divert waste, currently discharged to sea, to a treatment plant. The aim, the Ayuntamiento claims, is to holistically address the sewage problem which affects the southern and central part of the town and from “coast” to “coast”.

    The ESG and beach users will continue to monitor the situation through to completion of the sewage works calculated to be mid-June.

    Clearly ongoing water sampling will be important as will an overall and thorough assessment of the health of the beach and seabed once the works are completed and before it is re-opened to the public to verify that the works have indeed effectively sealed this problem.  

    This latest news from La Linea, on taking responsibility for redressing this appalling situation is much welcomed by campaigners and no doubt by the local community.

    Thanks to all who have helped in the campaign and/or taken steps to rectify this situation.