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  • ESG AGM and Screening of our first Film

    The ESG held its AGM last night at the John Mackintosh Hall. After the usual business of accounts/committee and membership issues a presentation was given by the Chairperson Janet Howitt.

    The focus of the talk was on the ESG Wish List for the current elections going through each issue in some detail, after which the floor was opened for a Q and A session. The main questions were on renewable energy and pollution and why Gibraltar was still so far behind in implementing technology which is moving at such fast pace in the rest of the world.

    These and other issues were discussed and the highlight of the evening was unquestionably the premiering of the ESG commissioned film on its community campaign for Clean up the World called “Our Place, Our Planet, Our Responsibility”.

    The film has already generated great feedback, as it was also screened on GBC on the night of the AGM. It showcases Gibraltar as a community that has major issues with waste and littering but also displays great spirit in addressing these problems with the widespread hands on nature of the campaign.

    It is hoped that the film will also be shown in our local cinema and will be posted online but undoubtedly has international appeal focusing, as it does, on environmental issues affecting most of the industrialised world today.

    Copies of the film will be made available to schools, CUTW team leaders and supporters of the Campaign.
    Special thanks to all those involved in the creation of such a special environmental film. The ESG is also grateful to our sponsors for enabling us to fund such necessary educational tools.

    See also at: http://www.gbc.gi/television/tv-player.php?programme=517&episode=4049