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  • ESG against possible Nature application calling it premature -July 16th 2013

    “The ESG believes it was only a matter of time before Nature sought to resume its operations at the Western Arm. However, and without being in possession of all the facts of this case, the groups states that in its opinion, it believes that Nature’s application should not be considered at the present time.

    With a pending court case, which has still not been settled in order to apportion blame and ensure some form of recompense from the parties responsible, to the devastated family of the deceased contract worker; this renewed application is at best premature, at worst a disgrace.

    It is hoped that the DPC will not accept any application for consideration from Nature to do with new Sullage Tanks until the legal aspect of the explosion at the old Tank site, which led to heavy air and water pollution, as well as the death of a contract worker, is finally resolved.

    The group adds, “We hope that if the Sullage Tanks are to be re-established on the Western Arm, that the contract for this will go out to tender so that other responsible international companies can also apply for this project in order to ensure the latest and best available technology is used.”