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  • ESG 1st Radio Broadcast 120123

    Hello, this is our first newsletter of 2023!

    Today we look ahead at what will surely prove to be a highly important year with elections, the economy, peace and climate change dominating headlines around the world.

    In 2023 we will again push for the New Development Plan that can still have some influence surely on unstoppable development, which, we are told, is so evidently vital to our economic stability. Holistic planning is paramount as well as street level design and guidance so incoming developers know what the Plan expects them to build and not just simply what class of building it needs to meet. Much greater care has to be given to existing buildings and residents – with an eye on reducing impacts on Climate Change as boldly as possible. We will continue to press for these objectives. Look out for next DPC mtg next Thursday the 19th, also first of the year as from 9.30am, live streamed on youtube via the Town Planning links.

    We would like to see our Transport Situation given a major push this year to reduce and control motorised traffic on our roads. The noise and air pollution one encounters when walking or cycling can be really objectionable and lets face it, not great for our health. Lets hope that parties competing for power during the elections will develop practical and effective plans to eliminate pollution from our roads as well as encourage healthy forms of getting about. We shall continue to lobby for this as well as for removal of older vehicles and second hand buses and for controls on idling among other measures.

    We live in a glorious part of the World. So it was very sad to witness the days of heavy pollution from the neighbouring CEPSA Oil Refinery and associated industry first on New Years day, and then, some 10 days later. This kind of pollution is totally out of place in a world where technology is moving in leaps and bounds for alternative clean and sustainable methods in production resulting in safe environments. The ESG is following up at various levels to seek support for accountability on these major, cross border polluting incidences.

    Look out for the expected noise pollution to start from tonight in the South District for the next week resulting from the removal and transportation of over 200 containers bound for Rooke housing project. While warned to expect this noise it remains to be seen if this will be tolerable OR whether some other way of proceeding will need to be found.

    Meetings with the Ministry for the Environment have started with constructive discussions we shall be following up on. Clean up the World matters have also seen energy invested to rectify some long-term issues. We are grateful to those who are responding that will result in a cleaner and healthier Gibraltar and to our volunteer partners who keep in touch throughout the year reporting litter related problems.

    The ESG will publish their latest Objectives for consideration in this Election year before the end of January. We will be include our thoughts on Gibraltar’s Climate Strategy outlining the need for urgency and cross party approach, led from the top.

    Please refer to our website at www.esg-gib.net  for all our press statements and other links.

    Thanks for listening and best wishes to all for a healthy New Year.