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  • EARTH HOUR 2012 30th March 2012

    ESG on Earth Hour 30th March 2012

    Each year since 2007, the ESG has drawn attention locally to the global campaign called Earth Hour. This exciting campaign reminds us all of the urgent need for collective action in reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency. The event takes place this Saturday, the 31st March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm and the ESG urges everyone to switch off unnecessary lights between these times.

    What started in 2004 in Australia as a WWF campaign aimed at creating awareness about climate change, has, over the years, become a massively popular campaign which sees around 4,000 cities participate in close to 100 countries. In 2006 and 7, the Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth” and the “Stern Report”, galvanised strong public support for community led action on climate change and demands on world leaders to address this critical issue.

    In 2010 the Earth Hour Campaign saw countries step up support with several iconic buildings and landmarks around the planet switching off their lights during the same time period. These actions made the headlines in several mainstream news channels spreading the campaigns message even further.

    This weekend, once again, Gibraltar will join millions of others around the world in calling attention to one of the most serious issues facing humankind, and why both creating awareness of this issue and encouraging individual participation via the switch off, is so important for everyone to support. The ESG has been spreading the word at schools this week encouraging students to tell their friends via social media.

    We also welcome the action taken by the Gibraltar Government once again in going beyond the hour and switching off the lights on local iconic spots like the Moorish Castle, North Face and the Gibraltar Law Courts for the entire weekend. It is also welcome to note that Government is assessing energy use in public buildings throughout Gibraltar with a view to reducing energy consumption and this is a most important development in 2012.

    Visit www.earthhour.org for more information on this enlightening campaign