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  • Dust Pollution and Fines 25th October 2018

    Dust Pollution and Fines

     Following reports in the media about fines issued on lack of adequate dust controls practised by GibDock, a major local industry, and a truck for not covering rubble – the ESG feels the fine on GibDock does not go far enough.

    The Dockyard frequently causes noise and air pollution during the course of its works leading to several complaints from residents and the general public.

    The ESG asks if the £4,000 fine will act as a deterrent in eliminating similar practices by GibDock in future? Shouldn’t perhaps the fines be more than the investment needed to apply the best available technology and best practise, for the deterrence to work?

    The group believes that noise control as well as paint and dust containment measures are needed at this facility to improve the environmental conditions for residents living in the area.


    Until such time as these measures are enforced the group fears that air and noise pollution will continue and this is not acceptable.