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  • CUTW 2018 Success well done to all!- Initial Report

    Clean up the World initial Report 1st October 2018


    Clean up the World was launched this weekend with a lively and colourful parade and event at John Mackintosh Square that saw green activities enjoyed by many youngsters.

    The hands on action saw over 500 volunteers and 35 sites targeted. These areas form part of our usual hotspots which are mainly natural habitat, coastal (shores and revetments), underwater and green areas. We were very fortunate this year to also have 2 abseiling teams tackle Upper Rock and coastal areas as well as diving teams and boat support. More details will be released soon on all who participated.

    Feedback from volunteers is one of satisfaction at having restored these areas to their normal healthy state as well as shock at how much litter is obviously and carelessly thrown around Gibraltar in our rather more remote areas. The awareness value of the clean-up was also commented on by many volunteers.

    Organisers wish to thank the steering committee that has planned the Clean up for several months and led to its smooth operation and to all volunteers and supporters who played a part over the weekend.

    With 8 educational establishments, 6 government agencies, 7 private companies, 10 clubs and associations, 4 NGOs, families, and caring individuals, the 2018 clean up was a community wide effort which displays a love for our environment and a genuine desire to help clean up Gibraltar.

    Around 20 truckloads of waste was taken to a designated site and piled up to raise awareness about the amount of non-biodegradable waste recovered from our natural areas. We shall continue to press for greater effort on education, enforcement and facilities on litter and waste matters and to monitor hotspots in the hope that these will be better maintained and cared for by the community. We shall also be meeting with Britannia Management to discuss these areas further.