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    CUTW 2017 – 25th September 2017

    The ESG would like to send out thanks to all involved in the Clean up event on Saturday. Over 20 full truckloads and 30 teams of 400 volunteers helped Clean up Gibraltar. A mountain of waste was once again produced and piled up at the Eco Park.

    The action was launched with an energetic Parade supported by schools and a few teams with the Minister for the Environment joining the awareness effort. This concluded at Wellington Front where the ESG now has new premises and a number of activities related to litter and the environment followed.

    The clean up saw several areas around Gibraltar stripped free of waste, mainly plastics, although some bulky items were also picked up. The teamwork witnessed in the Clean up is always inspiring with areas transformed, clearly fulfilling, as reports coming in confirm. This year has also seen a number of new teams and individuals sign up. Volunteers were shocked to see levels of littering at some of the hotspots.

    A full report on all sites will be produced on the littered areas that have benefited from the voluntary effort this weekend.

    Thanks to our sponsors, supporters and especially to the individuals who work tirelessly in the run up to the Clean up to make this large operation happen as smoothly as it does.

    “Our new premises, courtesy of the Culture Ministry, improved our logistics too and will undoubtedly help us run many similar programmes from here”, says organiser.


    The Campaign will continue to work throughout the year for greater civic pride, better facilities, information and enforcement, to continue to reduce the amount of rubbish we find in our target areas every September. ”


    Clean up the World 2017

    Parade and Awareness:

    Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School, St Anne’s Middle School, Loreto Convent School, Bayside Comprehensive School

    Minister for the Environment

    Rotary International

    Eco Art


    Sunbow Projects Ltd

    Royal Gibraltar Police

    Sadie Lucas

    Daniela Pitto


    CUTW Teams:

    ESG, Schools: Prior Park, Bishop Fitzgerald, St Anne’s, Bayside, Westside, St Joseph’s, Loreto Convent; Master Services, Environmental Agency, Dept. of Environment Dive and Land team, Alameda Tenants, Clubhouse Gibraltar, PWC, Laguna Youth Club, Plater Youth Club, Cassava, Team of Individuals, MH Bland, Wake up Gibraltar, GJBS, GSD, Nautilus Project, Gibraltar College, Rotary International, Ofs &Youfra, GibSubAqua, Atlas Recycling, GSLTC, Maroc 4 x 4


    Wildlife Gibraltar, Toyota Gibraltar, Master Services, Eco Park –special thanks to Tom Scott, Jim Howitt, Andrew Abrines, David and his team at Eco Park

    Support also from Department of Environment, Environmental Agency

    Standby support from Gibraltar Community Support Services

    Props and equipment preparation Team:

    Karen Everett, Norah Brown, Ania Maza (Eco Art), Grey, Ania and Stan (Sunbow Projects Ltd), Tim Howitt, Eddie Lucas, Jenny Brown

    Sponsors, Equipment and Support:

    Open Day Trust, Interbuild, Master Services, Ministry for the Environment, 101 Ltd, Morrison’s Gibraltar, AquaGib, Gibtelecom, Hammonds, Ministry of Culture, Royal Gibraltar Police, Land Property Services, Eco Park and the Gibraltar community