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  • CUTW 2012 hours away!

    ESG Radio Newsletter – 20th September 2012

    Two days to go for our 8th Clean Up and things are definitely hotting up! With 38 teams based throughout Gibraltar we are confident that our beautiful Rock will be cleaner after our huge volunteer effort. We are delighted with the community response we have and are receiving – indeed teams are signing up even now, in the eleventh hour!

    What is also clear is that awareness raised by this campaign is growing and that the many issues highlighted for action are beginning to receive the important action and investment they deserve; a process that began under the previous Government and embraced with fresh energy by the current administration. There remains more to be done and this will be reflected in the exciting Parade setting off from casemates at 11.00am Saturday morning- everyone is welcome and those of you with children are especially encouraged to come along. Schools, clubs and associations as well as some CUTW teams will be on the march celebrating the efforts undertaken over the weekend by the 700 volunteers to remove unsightly and dangerous litter from green, coastal, underwater and urban areas as well as caves, a first for the CUTW campaign.

    Ending up at John Mackintosh Square, also known as the Piazza, the gathering will be given a surprise presentation followed by a short statement by the Minister for the Environment, Dr John Cortes, and a brief word by the organisers of the event on the campaigns impact in Gibraltar. Some awards and certificates will be issued to thank and encourage younger members present to follow CUTW aims throughout the year. Our summer workshops will ensure that the waste models present will be hugely impactive and help deliver important environmental messages about the massive global problems to do with waste. Our waste- from our over consumptive, throwaway societies.

    We continue our efforts via our hard working teams picking up rubbish or helping clear sites with different CUTW partners the rest of the day. Volunteers are also invited to another gathering, this time to the launch of an Environmental Exhibition, opened to the general public from the 25th to the 28th of September. Schools will take part in workshops during the week and its certainly an exhibition not to be missed. This will be held at the John Mackintosh Hall galleries. More information will be published on this tomorrow.

    All those of you who have helped get us this far in organising what is a huge logistical exercise is publicly thanked for their support –

    You will have been hearing about the ITWMC campaign who this week are campaigning for greener, healthier forms of transport as part of a European wide movement. It’s welcome to see members of the community get behind this worthy campaign –let’s hope the effort is kept up throughout the year – it is about personal choice and government policy.

    Finally, a word to our team leaders to please collect equipment and information from 1st floor Plater Youth Club tomorrow Friday as from 6pm. Call 54960000 for any queries.