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    CUTW BrochureESG Press Release on CUTW Gibraltar 2010

    The ESG would like to thank the many volunteers who helped clean up Gibraltar on the 19th & 20th September claiming the campaign to be a great success in meeting its objectives of RAISING AWARENESS as well as helping bring about Government action.

    CUTW Gibraltar 2010 saw the weekend launch with a well supported, energetic and colourful Green Parade and Exhibition where models made from waste and other colourful and informative displays regaled the John Mackintosh Square.
    Environmental Awards were again presented this year by Olga Zammit to St Anne’s School and to Chelsea Edwards for their outstanding contribution to environmental issues.

    Around 500 volunteers collected hundreds of bags of rubbish between them as well as the usual timber and assortment of electronic and white goods from green and coastal areas. (See our symbolic pile once again). Divers and abseilers got busy and youngsters worked hard using ropes to access awkward areas. Planting projects got underway as well as the removal of invasive plants.

    CUTW organisers hope that increased awareness by these actions can help our community become cleaner and more environmentally responsible. The announcement by the Gibraltar Government that it would tend to the hotspot areas as highlighted under the CUTW Campaign from now on was really uplifting to our troops and we hope to see a major improvement in these areas.

    We also urge the authorities and relevant agencies to simultaneously begin enforcement exercises of existing litter laws to help change the littering culture that pervades our community. Until such actions are taken, we know these problems will persist. The ESG and volunteers also believe that a 24/7 modern waste facility for Gibraltar is long overdue and space must be found for such an important amenity.

    Signage, sustained campaigns and active development of recycling initiatives will also help educate us towards becoming better informed and responsible citizens of the planet! All these points and more are contained in a brand new leaflet launched this year for the CUTW Campaign. The colourful leaflet contains a flavour of what we do each year and what needs to be done to address the waste problem. (See attached). This will be widely distributed throughout Gibraltar over the next 12 months.
    Strongly believing in the value of the CUTW campaign and how it enables people to do something positive for their homeland, the ESG hopes to organise future projects to include a different focus on education/prevention and conservation as well as the inevitable clean up of hotspot sites as necessary.

    Once again thanks to the local community for getting enthusiastically behind this important campaign and showing that Gibraltar, even in this, our sixth CUTW participation, cares enough about our environment to do something for it!

    Thanks to our Sponsors:
    Bonita Trust, Hassan’s, Partygaming, GBC Open Day Trust, Deloitte, NatWest, We Care, Master Services, Interbuild, Morrison’s, 101 ltd