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  • Coalition for Climate Change meet with Minister for the Environment 13.08.19

    Coalition for Climate Action (CCA)

    August 2019



    The Coalition for Climate Action is made up of a number of different entities that includes the GONHS, TNP, The Gibraltar Heritage Trust, ESG, Pollution Watch and Sustainable Gibraltar. The coalition formed in response to the heightened awareness of Climate Change and the emergency pledge made by Government to take meaningful action on this critical issue.

    The coalition met last Thursday with the Minister for the Environment to present its case for actions needed on climate change.

    A full discussion ensued and the groups involved have agreed to continue to lobby directly and publicly for what they believe must form part of the targets and the process. Specifically these are:

    • For the setting up of a fully Independent Climate Body, funded and tasked to roll out a cross party supported agenda, set in a timeframe that legally binds all future administrations
    • For the areas to be addressed by the Climate Body to include: action on pollution/waste/energy/transport and development
    • For the transition away from the use and trade of fossil fuels

    The groups will be collecting signatures over the next few weeks for a petition that will be handed to Government on completion of a protest march taking place on the 20th September from Casemates at 5.30pm in support of a ‘Parents for Future – Climate Change Strike’.


    Please support the online petition at:- http://chng.it/jGKpkLmn