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  • Clean up the World Ready to go!! 17.09.21


    Organisers of this years Clean up the World are pleased to confirm widespread support from our community for this Saturday’s awareness raising action. Schools, Clubs, Agencies, NGOs, businesses, families and the Gibraltar Regiment will make up the over 500 volunteers registered.

    26 teams and supporters will be spread throughout our coastlines, green areas and a few estates picking up litter and expressing civic pride.

    Abseiling, boat access, dive clean ups and open water sites will also be tackled.

    We are thankful for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown in response to the call out for volunteers and believe our environment will once again benefit from this great community effort. We also thank the Department of the Environment and Britannia for their assistance and support.

    The knock-on effects from the clean ups last far beyond the weekend action where team work, networking across sectors of our society, and testing our cleaning and maintenance programmes positively contributes to improving how we behave in our natural environment and importantly how we must look after it.

    Naturally we believe facilities, education and enforcement on littering and fly tipping are also important targets in this campaign and are highlighted among our volunteers and the wider community via the media.

    Watch out for our volunteers on Saturday morning and for further reports next week.