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  • Clean up the World 2019-Positive Results! 30.09.19

    As part of its major annual campaign, the ESG organised its 15th CUTW action on the Rock with positive results for our environment. Gibraltar did it again, when over 400 volunteers in 26 teams of all ages took to our seafronts, green areas, underwater and cliff sites to pick out harmful waste from our natural environments. 25 separate areas were cleared. The day also saw support from specialist teams with abseiling, diving and boat access only sites tackled. Around 12 truck trips were required to remove piles collected by volunteers to a dedicated site for us to build up our mountain. Volunteers were also encouraged to separate waste into recyclable piles and others, and this worked efficiently on this occasion.

    A few deliveries are still pending as special transport is needed so our ultimate pile will be larger.

    The ESG recognises the value given to the day of action by the teams participating who are always very grateful to be giving something back to the environment.

    The organisers wish to thank everyone who helped prepare and then launch the day of action. It is a very busy time in preparation for the day and without the CUTW team we wouldn’t be able to do this. Thanks also to our sponsors and a major thanks to all volunteers who did a great job on Saturday.

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    As photographs and reports from the teams come in, we start putting together a picture of a community that is getting cleaner but continues to suffer from periodic dumping and littering in several areas. Post summer a lot of vegetation has burned away, exposing plastics, metals and rubble dumped inappropriately, often in sensitive habitats. Vehicle parts, furniture, contractor’s materials etc.  tipped the scales once again this year and volunteers worked really hard to remove these from their allocated areas.

    Students of all ages took part and displayed great purpose in cleaning up the environment. A lot of plastic, large and small was removed, as were cigarette butts from various corners around Gibraltar. Known to be toxic to the environment these butts are nevertheless currently tolerated to be tossed anywhere and this must change and a dedicated campaign with enforcement enacted.

    A full report on all findings will be presented again to the authorities.