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  • Clean Up At Rosia Bay Beach

    This weekend a small group of 15 volunteers collected a skipful of waste from Rosia Bay Beach over a period of three hours. The ESG provided the necessary cleaning equipment and coordinated the project which saw a small area transform into a surprisingly beautiful beach. The beach and rocky seashore had been badly affected in recent storms which had covered the area in a thick layer of marine flotsam, largely made up of plastic containers and a lot of packaging material, such as polystyrene, itself a serious threat to marine and bird life.

    Clearly users also contribute to the general litter mayhem, and, as always, we also hope to achieve public awareness by taking this hands-on action ourselves.

    Although the group was largely made up of ESG members, we did attract some walkers to join in too and all in all had a satisfying experience. Around 4 dogs participated too!

    It was a rewarding morning and gave us all an opportunity to consider the best use of this historic and great recreational area. Dolphinarium did not score at all, while sensitive development as a recreational and swimming area was quite a popular idea among the volunteers. What is clear, however, is that the site is in dire need of TLC and some serious attention.

    Further clean ups in the area are planned- you can register your interest in helping/taking part by emailing: esg@gibtelecom.net, or calling: 200-48996 or 54960000.

    Thanks to all the volunteers who did a great job and to Gib Community Projects for their kind assistance in providing a skip.