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  • Clarification sought on LNG Bunkering 20/11/15

    ESG Press Release re LNG and Clarification sought 20th November 2015

    The ESG would like to voice its view following a number of consultations held with Government and its agencies on the proposed LNG Storage for the new power station.

    Naturally we welcomed the opportunity of meeting HSL and Shell and being able to directly place our key concerns and questions to them.

    Some of our issues were allayed – some not. Arising from those meetings, and in the knowledge that additional hard facts and information will emerge from the many reports, assessments and EIA coming up, the ESG is taking the opportunity offered to ask Shell a number of unanswered questions which we believe need clarification in what is Gibraltar’s largest project today.

    The questions which we are asking directly to Shell at this juncture are based on: making available previously requested documentation; for worst case scenarios to be technically explained and resourced; and for all alternative or potentially alternative sites to the North Mole for LNG storage to be presented including risk evaluation, costings, designs and explanations on decision given.

    All this is especially pertinent given an unexpected development this week when Mr. Joe Bossano stated clearly that Shell’s only interest in supplying LNG for the power station is the bunkering business it will facilitate – something that has been consistently denied when raised by the ESG. Also very worrying to us is the declaration that the storage tanks at the North Mole could be servicing the bunkering requirements, with the necessary increase in the re-fuelling frequency this will represent. This has again been categorically denied at the highest level in Government when raised by the ESG in recent meetings. The ESG therefore calls for urgent clarification on these comments.”