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  • CEPSA OIL SPILL – ESG Calls for Review and Prevention 290916

    ESG Press Release re CEPSA Oil Spill      29/09/16

    ESG is very concerned about the recent oil spill produced by CEPSA’s mono-buoy and believes the final volume will only be realised after some time has passed given the underwater nature of the leak. The discrepancy on volume has also raised concern with 500, 2,000 and now 2,500litres being quoted by CEPSA, La Capitanía Marítima, and our own Gibraltar Port respectively.

    Despite the urgent response by all parties to clean up the oil spill and monitor this incident, it raises a number of important issues. The cause has been reported as a fault in the mono-buoy during the disconnection of submerged pipelines.

    The ESG calls for an independent review to be made of all critical infrastructure and systems at CEPSA to ensure such spills are avoided in future. It believes that control of equipment, systems and prevention measures need to be monitored from outside the industry and that penalties for any spill have to be of such magnitude as to cause a new and increased level of care and prevention within industry. With a new and large investment announced recently by CEPSA, the ESG says the Refinery must invest in upgrading infrastructure and safety systems and not simply expand operations and its profitability.

    It is well documented that even a few litres of crude oil will wreak havoc on wildlife so 2 tons will have definitely impacted on the bays living environment. Birds and fish need only come into contact or even simply inhale this toxic material to suffer damage or worse1.

    Given the environmental impact of crude oil spills the ESG strongly urges for measures to also be taken at a cross border level to ensure these do not happen again.








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