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  • CEPSA Heavy Flaring July 2010

    “The ESG wishes to draw attention to the appalling levels of flaring at the CEPSA refinery today when several chimneys were seen blazing emitting large volumes of thick black smoke. The ESG understands only too well that the smoke contains a large number of noxious chemicals and gases in significant quantities and was alarmed to witness the manner in which these emissions approached Gibraltar land and residential areas.
    The group received calls from a number of concerned citizens also alarmed at the level of flaring and smoke heading for Gibraltar and we explained how power shortage had likely produced this episode of flaring.
    The ESG sincerely hopes that the non ministerial meeting taking place next week under theTripartite Forum will be reminded via this press release of the very real and serious environmental threat and impact citizens face from the industrial base on the Bay. It also highlights the lack of application of best available technology despite assurances to the contrary by industry. “