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  • CEPSA Flares Commission insists No Problem! 15/02/16

    CEPSA Refinery Flares
    15th February 2016

    The European Commission (EC) has declared that according to their information, the CEPSA Oil Refinery does not breach any environmental regulations and, that despite known exceedences of pollutants such as nickel, among others, that there is no longer a problem here.

    This response was given to Ashley Fox, one of Gibraltar’s MEPs, in response to a question the ESG had asked to be tabled in Brussels.

    A mere 48 hours since this official response, on Sunday the 14th February, and the Refinery is seen displaying heavy flaring, for prolonged periods of time – hours, as reported by witnesses. Flaring releases large volumes of harmful toxins, especially when it does not burn cleanly, and should only be used for emergency purposes. Flaring is usually used when an incident has occurred, or there has been a power outage. The ESG was very concerned to see excessive flaring at the plant continue for hours resulting in heavy, thick fumes entering the airspace in neighbouring towns and surrounding environment as recorded in photographs taken and enclosed with this statement.

    Monday morning arrives with the sweet and sickly smells of the Refinery reaching the south of Gibraltar suggesting the flaring has continued well into the night.

    The ESG will be lodging a formal complaint with the EC to insist they investigate standards at the CEPSA Refinery Plant that are clearly still dangerous to citizens in the Bay who have to breathe in its emissions day in, day out.