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  • CEPSA Flares again! 290117

    ESG Press Release

    CEPSA Heavy Flares

    29th January 2017

    On Sunday afternoon the ESG received several messages and calls from concerned citizens from both sides of the border due to alarming levels of flaring by the CEPSA Oil Refinery.

    Flaring is carried out as an emergency measure when there is a break in power supply. This has been confirmed by CEPSA in the Spanish press.

    However flaring releases large volumes of toxic gases into the environment and must therefore be managed to last the shortest possible time. On Sunday it took close to 40 minutes before it finally petered out.

    A technical audit carried out on this industry some years ago found that a number of measures were needed to contain and reduce levels of pollution. A key measure was the installation of onsite back-up power supply to keep emergency flaring to the shortest possible time given the impact this has on people and the environment throughout the Bay.

    Given this recent and excessive flaring episode we shall be taking up this issue once again with the relevant EU directorate and ask that they look into the matter with some urgency.