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  • CEPSA Fire and Flaring 211016

    This past week has seen a number of incidents at the CEPSA Oil Refinery in San Roque that gives rise for concern.


    A fire occurred at the plant yesterday, and though quickly extinguished, highlights the risks posed by this industry to both people and the environment in the area.


    Although accidents happen, it does not excuse todays prolonged and major flaring episode by the Refinery, which in itself, is poor practice.


    Neighbouring residents have been using social media and press statements to expose the company’s excessive and toxic pollution and demonstrate how alarming it is to have their airspace constantly invaded by this.


    Local citizens have also been contacting the ESG this week concerned to see the regular polluting activity at the Refinery.


    Background chronic emissions produced by the chemical industries located in the Bay are feared to impact heavily on citizens health, with a recent report citing the premature deaths of at least 50 people per year to be linked to one heavily polluting coal fired power station in Los Barrios alone.


    The Refinery and all other heavy industry in the Bay must clean up their act and do much more to contain emissions within their fence line.