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    ESG radio newsletter Thursday 17th February 2011


    Today’s newsletter is brimming with news- there are a couple of global stories which are important to share with you as well as a few topical ones, so let’s get started. Here’s some advance warning of what is on the menu today – we shall talk about: Anti-whaling success in the Antarctic- about a potential blow to renewable energy and new technology for oil. About CEPSA buy-out, yes you heard right – we shall also discuss the possible arrival of another electric car campaign visiting the Rock, as well as Solar powered parking meters, and a brief look at the Sewage issue at Western Beach.  

    First though to the Antarctic and the Japanese Whalers Scientific Expeditions- this weeks Independent online reports that this year’s harvest of 1,000 whales by the Japanese Whalers only possible under a legal loophole,  has been interrupted by the sustained and brave efforts of activists with the NGO, the Sea Shepherd. It seems the whaling ships have pulled out from the area but it’s not clear if it’s a decoy or permanent move. Amidst stories from Wikileaks and threats by the Japanese Govt, it’s unclear whether the Sea Shepherd will succeed in seeing a moratorium prevail on this illegal whaling. It won’t stop them from trying and we send them our thanks and best of luck in their endeavours. Visit independent online under nature for the full report.

    We mentioned news of a technological breakthrough in accessing oil. While being seen as great news by the industry, new drilling methods known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking means that many dead oil fields could now spring into life allowing difficult to get at reserves to be accessed. For business and energy security in many countries in the short term, this will be seen as extremely good news. But what does this mean for global warming? For necessary and rapid investment in renewable energy? For public and environmental health and wildlife protection? I would urge you to visit two sites to get both sides of the story: See foxnews.com on the positives for industry and energy security, while the Bucket Brigade Site, under: GCMonitor.org reveals the serious impact such methods are already having in the States on people’s lives and on the resulting contamination of the natural environment.

    News that an Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund has purchased the CEPSA Petrochemical Company which includes the nearby and heavily polluting Oil Refinery has really raised eye brows locally. Clearly this development has to be monitored and our group will be discussing this in some detail to see what this change will bring if any, to environmental compliance at the local plant. We shall be reacting separately to this development. Watch this space!

    On renewable energy we have a couple of items of news for you: the ESG has been contacted by French campaigners supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, who are carrying out a world wide campaign to promote electric cars via a “round the world race”- there is a strong chance that one or more cars, will be visiting the Rock tomorrow on a northbound journey through Europe. If so we shall meet the visitors and ensure they know that Gibraltar is interested in alternative and clean transport! Also on the subject of energy the ESG is delighted to see the solar powered parking meters going up at Landport Ditch- we strongly believe that such micro-technologies should be used widely to take advantage of our sunny weather and reduce our oil consumption – this is a positive step!

    Finally, we would like to thank MEP Graham Watson for his special visit to Gibraltar last week where he received a petition and official complaint from the ESG and concerned citizens about the high sewage contamination off Western Beach. Mr Watson has since written to the ESG saying that he thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to all those at the protest pledging his full support to do whatever he can to help resolve this situation.

    We shall of course, keep you updated with further news on this and other issues.

    That’s it for now, for ongoing updates and news plse visit our website: www.esg-gib.net