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    ESG Press Release 19th June 2010

    Re Bunkering Fumes and General Pollution on the Rock

    The ESG wishes to draw attention to an issue that has begun to affect many local residents once again, that of bunkering fumes. While efforts by the agencies responsible for regulating this activity have been noted positively by the ESG, the recurring nature of the fumes issue strongly suggests that much more needs to be done to stop this smell nuisance and at times, heavily impacting activity, from affecting our quality of life.

    Vapour Recovery Systems:
    The ESG has approached Government and technical officers to legislate for vapour recovery systems to be applied to all fuel bunkering activity. This would eliminate much of the fumes problem which offends and affects many residents especially in the summer months.

    Reporting Details:
    In these last few weeks the ESG has rec’d numerous calls and has also witnessed heavy pollution from the port and offshore bunkering sites. We have established that there isn’t an immediate response facility at the Port although an out of hour’s mobile number was given to the group by the Port Authority ( see below).

    These two areas continue to present serious issues to the community and the ESG urges the Captain of the Port and his team to accelerate all such improvements during the modernising and upgrading programme which is currently going on at the Port.

    ESG Advice:
    Please note that any offensive fumes on land should be reported to the Environmental Agency daytime Mon-Frid 200-70620. Outside these times, and at weekends, you are to call 200-72500 (Police Station) and ask for the Environmental Monitor on duty.

    Obviously seaborne activity or pollution arising from the Port area needs to be reported to the Port directly. First call: 200-46254 during normal office hours and ask to speak to a Senior Port Officer. The number to call to report any issues “out of hours” is the duty Senior Port Officer on- 58669000
    You are also advised to call the Environmental Agency so they can log the incident and help out as needed in any investigation.

    Please feel free to telephone ESG if you still need assistance.
    Tel: 200-48996, 43156, 5496000 and if you have email please send information to: