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  • Algeciras Fuel Farm Pollution and La Junta 010917

    ESG Press Release on La Junta and Fuel Farm Pollution

    1st September 2017


    “ESG wishes to comment on recent news in the Spanish press that La Junta is investigating possible solutions to mitigate the unacceptable fumes produced this summer in the Algeciras Port where a major fuel farm facility is located.

    It beggars belief that such a major fuel installation did not appear to apply best practice and best available technology when setting this up in full view of all authority and legislators. Not only was major land reclamation undertaken with further loss of marine habitat, but major expansion of dirty fuel activity also, when existing petrochemical works in the Campo area have caused such wide spread impact on citizens and on the living environment in the Bay for several decades.

    Projects such as these are cross border in nature by virtue of scale and type of activity and in 2013, when this fuel farm was announced, we called for action from the Commission, initially to oppose it, and also to ensure that cross border, environmental protocols were followed by the company concerned. Nothing happened.

    It is clear that polluting impacts from this fuel facility is such that La Junta is being forced to act. Pity it did not seek highest technology and standards when licensing the plant in the first place.

    Companies must not cut corners when dealing in these industrial practices that commonly degrade and impact on the environment and La Junta must tighten up its act on this and on all Campo industry.


    The group further notes and regrets that environmental groups, often the first to raise alarms on polluting incidences, are not included in the forum by La Junta to assist in its investigation.”