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  • 2nd Protest at Western Beach SEWAGE

    The second protest against Sewage at Sea which has resulted in the closure of popular Western Beach, took place this Saturday morning. A small but determined group once again protested with a number of placards on view addressing what is a marine and health issue. The campaigners aim to keep protesting alongside collecting the many signatures for a petition that will be handed to both the Chief Minister and MEP’s in Brussels.
    Residents from Western Beach area have also added their voices to the call for action- in a Fact Sheet produced on the day residents say they are very concerned about the sewage they can see and smell almost daily being discharged from a storm drain from la Linea – this is affecting the local children’s ability to play outdoors and residents keeping their windows open due to the very foul smelling air almost constantly in the area now. Residents join the ESG and beach users campaigners in highlighting how we can ill afford to lose this important recreational resource.
    All urge our local authorities to please act on this issue without further delay.