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    20th November 2014


    The ESG welcomes the recent publication of the Fishing Regulations. As an environmental organisation we value our living environment and so measures seeking to protect and preserve biodiversity and the health of our natural heritage, receives our support.

    However, there are issues of concern raised by this first phase of the regulations.

    The big question is on enforcement of the new controls being announced. As we know from our experiences in other issues, eg littering, which in theory should be much easier to control, enforcement has not been at all effective to date. How much more difficult will it be to control fishing, a 24 hour practice, which is often clandestine, and in remote areas?

    If, as has been announced, the Department of Environment is going to “lead on enforcement”, (while not able to make arrests themselves), this will require a dedicated team, also on a 24hr basis, to cover monitoring and enforcement duties. It is critical for the success of any fishing regulation that its enforcement is applied robustly.

    The ESG hopes that, in applying enforcement measures, fishing enthusiasts are also encouraged to take greater care of their equipment and tackle, as shore based sites are, at times, left in filthy conditions – albeit by a minority.

    Another point brought into focus during the Viewpoint programme on this subject last week was continued permission under the new regulations for the “600-hook, long line fishing practice” which is carried out in Gibraltar. In the interest of wildlife conservation and preservation of our fishing stocks – and, in the spirit of the fishing regulations aims to ensure sustainable fishing practices, it would seem sensible to stop this indiscriminate practice.

    The ESG recognises the difficulties faced by local enforcement entities to stop harmful Spanish fishing practices at sea. Given the Bay is one large ecosystem it is hoped that cross border regulations can be the next target to move this issue from being a political one to an environmental one and ensure that our rich marine life can be jointly preserved for future generations.




    ESG Radio Newsletter 13th November 2014

    ESG Radio Newsletter  13th November 2014

     Hello – well some general news update now.  The Litter Committee chaired by the Minister for the Environment met last week, the first session since our clean up in September. We presented some of our findings and raised a number of points related to general litter issues in Gibraltar that are addressed in a comprehensive report we are finalising and will be publishing very soon. Copies will be on our website for download as from end of November.  Among our recommendations are for a litter strategy to be created so that all agencies and departments can work towards a common list of aims with improved cohesion in place. Naturally enforcement is high on our list as are dedicated Litter Wardens.

    Some positives from the meeting are news that the compactor purchased to increase paper and cardboard recycling by Government to be able to handle commercial quantities is closer to being in operation. We know there are several businesses in Gibraltar that want to recycle their high volume of waste so the sooner the compactor is up and running the better.

    On another matter another wave of Wii bins, that’s right, the bright shocking pink bins are now in place in various corners of Gibraltar. With a mobile recycling service also on the cards you should contact the Dept. of Environment at mhe@gibraltar.gov.gi, to check where the services will be provided in relation to where you live and work.

    The ESG welcomes the start of the long awaited trial for the explosion that occurred at the North Mole, Nature plant site. It has taken a few years to get here but an incident that caused serious levels of air and water pollution as well as injuries, even leading to the death of a contract worker, is clearly an important issue that needs to be tackled.

    Climate Change talks at Beijing. Mixed reports are running online on the outcome of this high level conference in Beijing. Some say that China is finally setting out its carbon cutting plans and going further even than the USA! This is seen as good news; however many are highly critical of the USA that continues to put corporate growth and vested interests before responding as required on climate change targets and on curbing its own carbon output.

    These giants are the ones that will ultimately make the real difference.

    More news on this big subject in more detail in our next newsletter.

    Thanks for listening

    CUTW 2014 Gibraltar (reposting 22/09/14)

    Re-Posting- 22nd September 2014


    ESG Press Release re CUTW 2014


          ESG, organisers of CUTW since 2005, initial comments on the weekends efforts…..



    What a great job done once again by ALL CUTW volunteers yesterday! Exhausting and very hot work and a lot of awareness raised. Over twenty sites were picked clean and a massive pile created at the quarry. Green areas, coastal sites and even underwater cleaning was underway yesterday and organisers, ESG, wish to thank everyone who took part (around 500!) for rolling up their sleeves and helping restore these natural habitats to their ideal conditions – albeit temporarily in most areas…


    Our local comprehensive school teams and others also tackled diseased and non-endemic vegetation along Europa Advance Road as part of Gibraltar’s World Heritage Bid.


    A CUTW Parade and Electric car Exhibition at Casemates launched the teams this year, supported by many of our younger schools creating an energetic and impacting presence in the heart of town. With Minister Cortes, Xavier Van de Stappen and Janet Howitt addressing the rally at John Mackintosh Square.


    A report made up of feedback from teams and photographs will be published online as soon as completed. 
Gibraltar continues to see litter in many public places and the clean up campaign reminds us of this ongoing problem. These issues are highlighted in an exhibition being held at the Gibraltar Heritage Trust for the next week with proposed solutions offered. We need to get our littering under control.


    Personal pride, improved waste management, enforcement of anti-litter laws and a sustained litter campaign all form part of what we think are part of the solutions. For more please visit CUTW Exhibition at the Main Guard, John Mack Square up until the 29th September.


    Meanwhile, our local campaign was definitely made even more special this year with the presence of I-CARE, a European team promoting clean, green energy, transport lifestyle that has been very busy in their 6 day stay on the Rock. They plan to return next year and build on their contacts and projects discussed while in Gibraltar this time round.


    Huge thanks to all volunteers in whatever role they played yesterday for helping ensure a successful, safe and inspiring 2014 CUTW Day. 
Thanks also to the steering team who volunteer their time in the week leading up to the Clean up day for the considerable logistics, preparations and hard work involved!