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  • ESG hopes for the greenest Christmas ever on the Rock


    The ESG is delighted to see the expansion of recycling of waste in Gibraltar with the appearance of plastic and paper recycling bins on our roads. This is a key aim under the Clean up the World Campaign and we strongly welcome the expanded service. Full details are posted on the ESG website as well as Governments’ own website.

    ESG hopes the community will use the new facilties and make 2012 our greenest Christmas ever.

    ESG Focus on Western Beach

    ESG Press Release
    Dated 20th December 2012


    The ESG has been following up the issue of ongoing sewage discharge into Western Beach area with the European Commission. The EC advises they are following up the matter with the Spanish authorities who claim they no longer discharge sewage into this area from as far back as December 2011.

    The ESG has corrected this misinformation from Spain by sending evidence from the local Environmental Agency’s water sampling records to the EC. The data clearly confirms the continued presence of illegal levels of sewage in Western Beach waters outside of the bathing season period.

    The group spoke to Sir Graham Watson last week who, back from attending the Climate Change talks in Qatar, was already knocking on doors in Brussels on this issue.
    The ESG believes this issue must be resolved before the next bathing season in 2013 and will do whatever it can to help bring about this outcome.


    Following link gives you details of ALL bin locations as well as a clear map showing recycling points in Gibraltar today-
    This is a major step forward and will help us all to recycle. Any thoughts useful as the service is changing/improving all the time now and could benefit from user feedback.


    Having a green Christmas in 2012 is now a real possibility. Have a peaceful and happy time with friends and family!


    Check out our Flickr page on home page bottom left hand corner for many more great pictures of our major CUTW event- this time of workshops, our parade, monster tour etc. Hope you enjoy!!

    ESG Radio Newsletter 131212

    ESG Radio Broadcast 131212

    First, some local, practical news: at long last the Upper Town gets some recycling bins! Locations are dotted about and linked to existing bin stores. This is good news! Also on recycling, bins placed at Commonwealth Car Park which has been fenced off on commencement of works, can now be found on the other side of the road at the entrance of the temporary car park. Please, spread the word- this is a large catchment area for many residents and important that the bins get used. One final bit of news is the start of collection of plastic for recycling on the Rock! Please support this latest Government initiative on recycling and use the yellow bins for your plastic and tetra bricks as well as your cans. See Govt Press Release with details:

    The Upper Town is the latest area to have the recycling service extended.
    New recycling bins have been placed at Flat Bastion Road (south, by refuse cubicle) Willis’s Road (by New Police Block) Prince Edward’s Road (by refuse cubicle at Hargreaves) Castle Road (by refuse cubicle below Sacred Heart Church) Moorish Castle Estate (by main refuse cubicle) Tarik Road Car Park (by refuse cubicle) Calpe Road (by Anderson House).
    Residents will be able to deposit glass, cans, plastic bottles and tetra brik containers in new bins which are slightly smaller than the bins elsewhere, enabling them to be collected from the narrow streets of the Upper Town.
    “It is hoped that these new facilities will encourage people to start recycling on a more regular basis, particularly in the build up to the festive period which generates larger amounts of waste than usual,” said a Government spokesperson”

    In writing this end of year broadcast, it finally hit me that this past year has gone by in a flash! Nevertheless a lot has happened and the ESG has worked steadily throughout, both in our new role at the DPC, with the new administration, and on our own campaigns. We hope we have contributed positively on key issues which have arisen and towards the management of Gibraltar’s environment in general. It must be said that the environment, on the whole, has risen in stature locally under the new team and we welcome seeing many of the environmental pledges delivered on over the next few years. Still, this little Rock, precious though it is, makes up only a very small part of the big wide world: a world which faces significant environmental challenges, both from present day activity to ever rising levels of human population and the accompanying pollution that is necessary to support them.

    With Climate Change talks recently held in Qatar, which predictably delivered no substantial change, we are reminded more than ever, the importance of grassroots action to clean up our environment and not only rely on major fora of this type to deliver tangible results. Some positive spin has been given in the international media, following the Qatar talks, about the fact that finally, oil rich middle eastern countries are openly recognising the very real threat of climate change, and need for diversifying economies away from fossil fuels. However, any progress on securing urgent action by the developed, richer nations, failed to materialise at this latest international conference. This leaves less developed countries in a precarious and impossible position – the pressure to industrialise, and yes, increase CO2 emissions, is unavoidable for poorer countries that, as yet, do not have easy access to clean technologies. Yet, many of these countries are manufacturing items that fill our homes in the west – while emissions produced in the manufacturing process continues to be their responsibility. This unfair situation must change and we must accept responsibility to redress global health and wealth inequality to help change people’s lives and also combat climate change.

    A media story entitled “Beggars and Polluters” describing what the Qatar climate talks really stood for also caught my attention: Why not Google “Beggars and Polluters, Qatar”, for the full article online –you may find it of interest.
    So as we look ahead, immediately to Christmas, and then the New Year, let’s remember that we in Gibraltar share and rely upon the rest of the world to enjoy the very privileged lifestyle we have today. That overconsumption is not the answer to happiness or environmental sustainability and that what really counts is to be mindful and respectful in all we do. Thanks for listening and for your support throughout the year. Please visit our website which is being updated to carry latest reports and end of year summary etc. on www.esg-gib.net . Have a peaceful and happy time during the festive period with your friends and family and remember to recycle your waste!!