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  • 180311 MEP Watson reacts to Commission

    Liberal Democrat MEP for the South West and Gibraltar

    Euro Commission note CEPSA “shortcomings”

    Gibraltar’s Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson has welcomed comments from Janez Potocnik the EU’s Environment Commissioner on pollution caused by the CEPSA Oil Refinery. In response to Graham Watson’s Parliamentary Question the
    Commissioner noted “shortcomings presently exist for the installation.”

    “The Commissioner’s comments are significant. For too long pollution has been a real problem for the people living on the Rock. I am pleased that the Commission is working with the Spanish authorities to reduce pollution levels. Nonetheless, with potential increased output from the plant, this action cannot come soon enough. The EU has rightly legislated to reduce pollutants in air and these rules must be
    observed. The pollution levels and pockets of cancer in the area are concerning. I would like to see a thorough scientific analysis to ensure health is not being put at risk.”

    Air pollution on the Rock has been a concern for many years, and Graham has been working with concerned constituents. On 11 February Graham met with representatives of Gibraltar’s Environmental Safety Group to discuss the facility whilst on a visit to the Rock.