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  • World Environment Trade Fair and Sponsored Walk

    The Environmental Safety Group (ESG) recently participated in two events

    World Environment Trade Fair

    The ESG considers Saturday’s environmental events as having been reasonably successful. The many stalls with information on the environment and ideas on green technology to combat climate change and help create a better living environment reflected a society beginning to move with the times although much remains to be done to move from ideas to action. It is hoped that by raising these expectations we can do more towards making these a reality.

    ESG Sponsored Walk

    The ESG also held a sponsored walk which began and ended at the Environment Trade Fair at Casemates. In spite of its size, the determined group of walkers raised the environments profile all along the 5km walk while also collecting badly needed funds for ESG ongoing work and campaigns. One general observation which often came up in conversation among the walkers was the rapid concretisation of Gibraltar as well as lack of green areas in new developments. The walkers turned around at Camp Bay where the absence of new trees and other vegetation marred what was otherwise seen as a major refurbishment and greatly improved environment for all.

    The ESG thanks all those who helped support this initiative. Among the walkers were past and present leaders of the Gibraltar Women’s Association, ESG Committee and members, and members of the political and business community along with families.