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  • Why we cannot celebrate World Environment Day

    The ESG/BBB was represented at a protest held by “La Plataforma por el Estudio Epidemiológico” outside the Junta’s office in Algeciras over the weekend.

    The protest was held in recognition of World Environment Day emphasising how the local communities are not in a position to celebrate such an occasion given the continued polluting practices by many of the industries on the Bay. It succeeded in raising the profile of the absence of adequate health studies by the authorities and their repeated failure to regulate polluters and protect the surrounding living environment.

    Leaflets on both the need for a “realistic epidemiological study” and technical information on the “health hazards of flaring at refineries” were distributed widely with all members of La Plataforma present showing continued solidarity for the joint campaign.

    The Spanish media were there in significant numbers and the opportunity was used to highlight the imminent return of Professor Benach who will be giving a talk on his latest public health study findings in Algeciras, on Wednesday, at 7.30pm at the Facultad de Derechos.