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    The ESG videos on YouTube Protest at Pinar del Rey
    A short film by Jim Watt
    In preparation for the Clean up Gibraltar weekend activity we spent some time looking at tourist attractions around the rock not promoted by Government
    Harvest Time a short film by Jim Watt
    On 21st Feb 07 the Environmental Safety Group (www.esg-gib.net) held the first in a series of public discussions in Gibraltar, offering a local perspective on an inconvenient truth…
    James Machin
    on peak oil
    Janet Howitt
    on recycling
    Janet Howitt
    on environmental action plan
    David Pons
    on analogy with smoking
    Lyana Armstrong-Emery
    John Cortes
    on developing awareness
    and political will
    Fabian Picardo on NGOs, politicians and change
    Peter Montegriffo on depoliticising
    Manolo Perez on climate change & enviro awareness