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  • US Submarine leaks Radiation

    The presence of the American nuclear submarine Dallas recently in Gibraltar coincided with a story breaking round the world of another nuclear submarine Houston, which is confirmed by the US Govt to have leaked radiation over the last two years ( see Reuters story “US says submarine leaked radiation in 3 Japan ports)

    It is a reminder of the potential risks posed by even recreational visits of these nuclear submarines to Gibraltar and the Bay region.

    The ESG is also interested to know the reason for the extended visit by Dallas which berthed next to a Royal Fleet Auxiliary with extensive workshops and a US SAR vessel?

    It is important to note that our potable water intake is especially vulnerable located as it is a mere few hundred metres from the nuclear submarine berth and could be affected by any possible radioactive contamination. Does AquaGib, for example, routinely monitor the radioactivity of incoming water? While reverse osmosis technology will keep out oil, particulates and many chemicals, tritium would go straight through into the water supply.

    The ESG would like some answers on this important issue to be made public.