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  • Tripartite Forum Gibraltar Outcome on the Environment

    The ESG strongly welcomes the statements made yesterday on key environmental issues by the Tripartite Forum after a historic first meeting in Gibraltar.

    A spokesperson for the group said: “We have publicly advocated the need for practical co-operation measures between authorities in the Bay for several years now. This is essential to combat environmental pollution and avoid incidents as expressed in our numerous press releases over the years.”

    The ESG has repeatedly acknowledged that co-operation has to be made outside any political implications or concessions by any side and be purely for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Bay and the living environment. This is exactly what appears to have been delivered in measures greater than expected.

    A year ago, the group joined forces with GONHS (Gib) and AGADEN from Algeciras, to produce a detailed dossier on critical, regional environmental issues for the technical team preparing material ahead of this ministerial mtg. This was done and a dossier submitted last October.

    Several environmental issues also contained in the dossier have been highlighted for action:

    * Pollution from maritime activity and traffic
    * Bunkering operations
    * Industrial emissions
    * Water discharges
    * Waste disposal and
    * Land reclamation

    Implementation measures on response strategies are encouraging with the setting up of liaison contacts, coordinating response to incidents, joint exercises for emergency response plans, joint strategy to reduce risks, and co-operation at international and EU level- all within a specified time frame.

    “We welcome and look forward to the full implementation of these measures as soon as possible. If everything is carried out as specified and in the time frame described, we can look forward to a safer and cleaner environment for the benefit of all who reside on the Bay and surrounding living environment”, said the ESG, part of the cross border coalition. It is further hoped that other issues in the dossier such as conservation measures and epidemiological studies at cross border level will also be tackled.

    The ESG will now be meeting with GONHS, AGADEN and other Bay NGO’s to discuss the outcome of the Tripartite meeting in detail.