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    The ESG laments the absence of information for the public which prevails through todays and all other nuclear safety exercises undertaken by the MoD or those by the civilian authorities.

    On its visit aboard a nuclear submarine earlier this year, the ESG discussed this matter at length with the MoD officials and this was since taken up by the Commander of the Base who informed the ESG, in writing, that a nuclear information leaflet had been designed and agreed upon by civil and British Forces authorities. This leaflet, the group was told, is now with our Govt. who is responsible for its circulation among the civilian community. The group wrote to the Assistant Chief Secretary Mr D. Armstrong in early August requesting for information as to when the leaflet was due to be issued. No acknowledgement of our letter has been received and more importantly, no evidence of any leaflet has, as yet, hit the streets of Gibraltar.

    It is therefore appalling for the MoD to suggest that by carrying out its routine nuclear exercise it is following “best practices” when the civilian population remains in the dark as it has been for the past few decades. We know that best practices means adopting the most up to date safety procedures, which in this case, includes an informed and co-operative community.

    The MoD and our own Govt must ensure that the standards adopted in the UK for protection of the population are applied as rigorously in Gibraltar as they are in the UK.