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    Climate change is increasingly big news and more than ever people are conscious
    of the need to make changes to their lifestyles and looking for the most effective
    ways of doing it.

    Calculating your carbon footprint will give you a direct measure of your impact
    on the planet and will allow you to see which areas of your life are most in need of
    a carbon diet. The average person in the UK has a carbon footprint of 9.4 tonnes.

    Experts say that we would all need to reduce our carbon footprint to 2.5 tonnes or
    less to prevent dangerous climate change.

    The calculator below allows you to calculate the carbon emissions generated by each
    area of your life. Take the challenge and see how you fare!

    Electricity in
    per month
    Number of persons in the household

    Kilometers per year, fill in where appropriate

    If you don’t know how to find this out
    Click here

    (a) On a bicycle
    (b) On a bus
    (c) On a small motorbike under 100cc
    (d) On a larger motorbike
    (e) On a small car under 1.4 Litre engine
    (f) On a medium car 1.4 to 2.0 Litre engine
    (g) On a large car over 2.1 Litre engine

    Kilometres per year, fill in where appropriate

    (a) Number of short-haul flights e.g. Gibraltar – London:
    (b) Number of medium-haul flights e.g. London – New York:
    (c) Number of medium-to-long-haul flights e.g. London – Rio:
    (d) Number of long-haul flights e.g. London – Sydney

    What best describes your shopping behaviour?

    Select one only

    (a) I buy second hand whenever possible.
    (b) I buy new things when I need them.
    (c) I love shopping!

    What best describes your eating behaviour?

    Choose one only.

    (a) I only eat my home produced fruit and veg
    (b) I only eat organic fruit and veg
    (c) I eat both non-organic and organic
    (d) I eat non-organic fruit and veg
    (e) I eat meat

    We do not collect any personal information, but the IP address,

    date, time and footprint total and is logged for statistical purposes.