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    The ESG Open meeting held in the J M Hall on Tuesday 16th Sept met the groups’ objectives and was successful, effective and energising. With the room almost at full capacity the evening saw the ESG deliver a full presentation with videos, speeches and question and answer sessions. These proved lively and showed a clear demand from those in the audience for higher environmental standards and a better management of our environment.


    Information was given on the history of the group and current and future objectives as well as focussing on three main areas of pollution. Two experts gave their opinions on power generation and alternative energy sources. Public transport featured strongly with incredulity from the public over the delay in introducing a revised system, which needs to be integrated and must replace the entrenched car and motor-bike culture we have in Gibraltar today.


    The ESG highlighted the need for an environmental policy or charter to be developed and implemented in Gibraltar to form part of our constitution. This will be the goal for the ESG who will request support and input from every sector of the community to ensure it becomes a reality.


    The evening closed with drinks and informal discussions where many ideas were exchanged over future plans and actions.