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    The ESG day went ahead in spite of weather forecasts and was a resounding success. Over a hundred new members were signed up with a good percentage stating a desire to help out in future events or campaigns.


    What the event proved was that there is genuine interest within the community to look at and discuss alternative energy. An executive member of the ESG Committee, a renewable energy expert, was present with a luxury vehicle that has run on used frying oil for the last year. The car drew crowds and provoked much interest. In fact, we were being bombarded with orders for cars whereas the reality is that most diesel cars can safely run on this clean emission fuel. It is a brilliant way of utilising a resource that is always available and is also difficult to dispose of once used. The complaint to the EU over the refinery in particular was also of significant interest; allaying the concerns of some Gibraltarians who may perceive self-criticism over our pollution problems as simply having a go at Gibraltar. The display of environmental photographs and survey results also added another interesting dimension to the day.


    The ESG were grateful to all those who participated and made the
    event so enjoyable. The validity of this type of event is to bring
    to the heart of Gibraltar (the Piazza) the issues that cause
    significant concern to many residents and also, we believe, are
    behind the causes of the many illnesses suffered on the Rock.


    In a weekend that apparently saw 9 children admitted to the Rainbow Ward with respiratory complaints (one a young baby) and where the ESG were informed of a classroom with 14 children, of whom 3 require emergency nebuliser support in the classroom, the ESG do not consider their agenda to be a special interest one but one that affects us all.


    Indeed it is crucial that prevention when it comes to the health of our children is paramount and is placed on the political agenda. Pollution does cause serious health problems and can kill.


    The industrial base in Spain does, we believe, create much of the background pollution, which creates a general unhealthy ambient air quality. Let us, therefore, minimise what we, here in Gibraltar, produce ourselves, and give us and our children a better chance and a better quality of life. The ESG also give a commitment to the community of Gibraltar that the complaint to the EU will be pursued with veracity and that many options lie ahead for progress to be made.


    Due to the success of this event the ESG confirm they shall be holding similar events regularly in order to inform the public of ongoing issues as well as provide an opportunity for discussion. It will also give those who were not able to attend another chance to find out more about what the work the ESG are doing.