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    The ESG is very concerned about the recent accident near Madrid at the refinery in Torrellana where large explosions, deaths and injuries to personnel, followed by major localised pollution due to burning fuel, has raised many questions about accident and emergency planning in our own area. The implications of such an accident occurring in the CEPSA refinery over the border is brought ever closer and the question must be asked as to whether an effective contingency plan exists between the Gibraltar and San Roque authorities to cope with such an eventuality? The ESG considers that this is unlikely as Gibraltarians are not informed of any such contingency planning by our own authorities.


    Given the local activities with nuclear submarines and the presence in our own waters of chemically laden ships, as well as our proximity to the heavily industrialised bay, the ESG asks our Government to address this problem with little delay. The group will also be taking up the matter of cross border contingency planning with the directors of CEPSA in the Campo de Gibraltar and the Government of Gibraltar.