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    We acknowledge the introduction of recycling bins for cans and bottles, as well as the recent increase in bins around diverse points in Gibraltar as a very positive step in the right direction towards a more environmentally friendly Gibraltar.

    We nevertheless note comments made on several occasions by Government that insufficient use is being made of this facility. Indeed some media outlets have even described the whole scheme as a flop which the ESG rejects as an inaccurate assessment of the situation.

    To clarify the ESG would like to point out that as well as providing the physical facilities for recycling of glass and cans, this new service has to be supported by an energetic and sustained campaign via schools and neighbourhoods, clubs and businesses, to encourage their use and also to inform the user, of the importance of using these new facilities. It is simply not enough to place these bins on the streets and expect people to use them.

    The ESG has been calling upon Government for some time for the need of a sustained information campaign to persuade and inform the public of the benefits of becoming greener citizens and the importance of recycling. Such information campaigns are routinely carried out by authorities throughout Europe and are a fundamental way of ensuring that policies are implemented. Gibraltar is ripe for such campaigns and only until these are underway, can any assessment be made of the success or otherwise of the new recycling facilities on the Rock.

    Gibraltar could improve its environmental performance and recycling record if the investment it has made in facilities and equipment is matched by a strong and clear information campaign.

    The ESG confirms it will help support any such Government campaign.

    List of new bin locations as advised by Government


    Gibraltar Airport – Service Area by refuse enclosure
    Glacis Estate – Archbishop Amigo House North
    Glacis Estate – Constitution House North
    Bayside Road – by entrance to teacher’s car park
    Ocean Village – within main refuse cubicle
    Mons Calpe Road – Coach Park entrance
    Laguna Estate – by refuse cubicle Ballymena House
    Laguna Estate /Devil’s Tower Road – by refuse cubicle Ark Royal House
    Cemetery Road – by RAF entrance
    Eastern Beach Road – beach access opp south of changing rooms north
    Eastern Beach Road – Opposite changing rooms south
    Sir Herbert Miles Road – bus stop pavement opposite Catalan Gardens
    Sir Herbert Miles Road – Layby exit Black Strap Cove
    Little Bay – by entrance to promenade
    Camp Bay- promenade
    Rosia Road – by Rosia Battery
    Rosia Road – by bus stop RGP HQ
    Cumberland Road – by refuse enclosure (north)
    Vineyards Estate – outside centre refuse cubicle
    Naval Hospital Road – within refuse enclosure south
    Europa Road – by bus stop Garrison Gym
    Europa Road – behind bus stop Casino lift
    Europa Road – in lookout
    Jumpers Building Garage entrance
    Red Sands Road – by Governor’s Meadow House
    Red Sands Road – entrance podium to Grand Parade
    Queensway – Commonwealth Car Park
    Edinburgh Estate (south) – refuse cubicle by Albert Fava Hse
    Edinburgh Estate – (North)
    Westside School – entrance
    Montagu Gardens – by exit refuse cubicle
    Varyl Begg Estate – St Paul’s School entrance
    Varyl Begg Estate – car park by Royal Sovereign Hse
    Harbour Views Estate – within centre refuse cubicle
    Casemates – restaurant service area

    Currently positioned:
    Europort Avenue – footpath opposite Europort (yellow entrance)
    Rosia Road – footpath by Piccadilly Gardens
    Cloister Ramp
    Line wall Road – opposite Irish Place by refuse containers
    Fish Market Lane – by market refuse cubicle
    Waterport Road – (outside coach park)
    Opposite St Bernard’s Hospital entrance
    Harbour Views Road – parking by Bishop Fitzgerald School
    Footpath junction Devil’s Tongue/Waterport Road