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    The environmental safety group would like to add its voice to recent public calls made for the elimination of bus fares.


    It is the view of the esg, that unless the general public maximises the use of these brand new buses, the object of the considerable expense of tax payers money invested in a modern efficient, reliable and safe public transport system will be defeated.


    The esg would like to to highlight the folowing points:-


    • Government has already admitted that the new bus company will be running at a loss.
    • During the first two weeks when no fares where payable the buses ran at practically full capacity.
    • Since the fare structure was introduced these buses are often running practically empty.
    • The introduction of the new public transport system has not contributed to a decrease of traffic congestion with high pollution effects remaining undiminished.


    In order to maximise the potential of the new transport system and consequent improvement to the environment which a drastic reduction of traffic congestion would represent, the esg urges government to give serious consideration to the introduction of a free public transport service .


    In order for the above to become a financially viable proposition we would further suggest that a minimum increase in the price of petrol be introduced and consideration given for “all paying car parks” that would help steer people away from unnecessary car use and encourage use of bus service provided. This would also help generate revenue.


    We would finally suggest that a serious study analysis is carried out on these possibilities.


    The Environmental Safety Group.