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  • Protest in La Linea


    “After a busy week around the Bay members from the Plataforma for an Epidemiological Study now look forward to holding a public demonstration on Friday 17th Novmber. A few thousand posters have been put up around the bay to promote the event which is expected to be well supported.

    With presentations and radio and televised debate, much effort has gone into raising the profile of health related problems concerning heavy industrial pollution.

    Members of the ESG have participated in televised and radio debates in Spain ensuring that the cross border angle to this is maintained as its clear that the Environment knows no Borders. Awareness of the environmental struggle which continues in the Bay is reaching far afield with journalists from El Pais also in touch with ESG members getting updates on the various campaigns and actions on a week by week basis.

    The ESG urges everyone who can to please give just one hour of their time and meet them at the border at 5.30pm soon after which the Gibraltar “contingent” will be expected to move to the protest location at Plaza Cruz Herrera, La Linea for 6.00pm.”