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  • Potential catastrophe posed by nuclear submarines

    The Bay Bucket Brigade is deeply concerned about the recent collision between 2 nuclear propelled and armed submarines in the Atlantic. Following on from a report in the British press about HMS Tireless having experienced an incident onboard with its non nuclear equipment, these accidents do seem to be coming along too close for comfort. Results from any investigation into the recent collision should be made public.

    Accidents on nuclear armed and powered vessels are always understandably unnerving and this latest one involving submarines from the UK and France have once again rung alarm bells over the potential catastrophe posed by these war machines to crew as well as to nearby communities and to the living environment. Regional environmental groups wish to make it known that nuclear bases whether in Gibraltar, Spain or elsewhere in Europe are unwanted and should be removed.

    The Bay Bucket Brigade calls for an end to the use by the military of such potentially, highly menacing nuclear propelled vessels to prevent a serious radiation accident from happening with resulting irreversible consequences.

    The MoD always claim that extreme precautions are taken to avoid any kind of accident happening, and we presume, that the French and all other nuclear powers would say the same. Yet, and in spite of whatever cautions are taken, accidents can and do happen, and a serious accident involving nuclear propelled vessels, can have catastrophic and wide ranging consequences.