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  • Poor standards at the Industrial Complex in the Bay

    The recent oil spill from the CEPSA Oil refinery was a relatively minor one, that is, it covered three beaches which were cleaned up quite quickly. However in the middle of the bathing season any oil is intrusive and as such the ESG condemns the spillage from the plant. Verdemar also made public its complaints at the time stating it would be taking the matter up with the authorities- this was not reported in Gibraltar local press.

    Another accident, this time not related directly to the refinery, but to a defunct power plant and a giant chimney being dismantled in stages with the use of cranes and scaffolding. Reports state that the hydraulic machinery broke down causing highly viscose liquid to spread over a large region of Puente Mayorga, streets, homes and vehicles. Descriptions of “oily rain” were given by the residents and the stuff was apparently so slippery that it resulted in a few people going to hospital needing treatment!!

    These two episodes in the complex, along with an earlier incident at the refinery where someone was badly hurt in an explosion , suggests that standards are as low as ever and the ESG will be taking up these issues with visiting MEP Parish when he arrives in Gibraltar in the coming week..