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    The ESG has over the last two weeks obtained crucial evidence that the industries operating in San Roque and Los Barrios are producing among the highest levels of pollution seen in Europe. This information can be independently seen by anyone interested on a recently launched website by the European Environmental Agency http://www.eper.cec.eu.int/. International observers and Spanish environmentalists are already analysing the data that shows the industries in the Bay currently producing pollution that is not tolerated in many other parts of Europe.


    The ESG urges everyone to see these facts for themselves. It is also startling to learn at the turn of the year that Spain is facing legal action by the European Commission for not transposing an environmental Directive on Large Combustion Plants 2001/80 and instead is planning further expansion to its electricity generating stations on our shores. Their power stations already rate as being highly polluting and this expansion must be stopped at all costs.


    The ESG urges everyone on both sides of the border to do what they can to support any campaign/petition/or protest launched to stop further deterioration of the air that we are all breathing and causing mortality rate to be so much higher than elsewhere in Spain.


    The ESG also urges our Govt. to investigate this overwhelmingly immoral and dangerous situation, as to stand idle is also condoning this seemingly unstoppable degradation. There must be a ceiling placed on the amount of pollution in our Bay. Those in authority must protect citizens living within their jurisdiction and act accordingly.