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  • Open letter to Mel Smith, Cammel Laird

    12th June 2005

    Dear Mr. Mel Smith,

    Now that funds amounting to half a million pounds have been made available by the Government of Gibraltar to pay for the disposal of the grit, we would very much like to know when its removal will take place.

    Given the public importance of this matter which has been and remains a matter of concern for us in the ESG, and for those residents who live close to the yard, we have decided to make this letter public.

    We look forward to your early answer and your news of an early removal of the grit. A positive and reassuring reply from you will allay the concerns of all those residents who have expressed their disquiet at having this mountain of polluted grit close to their homes.

    We also wish to know what measures you intend to take to avoid a repetition of this episode, that is an accumulation of more grit once this lot is removed, which will necessitate another massive pay out from public funds to have it removed.

    Yours sincerely,

    ESG Committee.