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  • On the current fuel shortage

    The ESG hopes that the current situation serves to demonstrate to all local politicians and the public in general the vulnerability of relying entirely on fossil fuels for every aspect of Gibraltar’s economy, from electricity & water to food importation etc.

    We need a more sustainable model for Gibraltar. Let’s hope decision makers now realise that by:

    -Supporting micro generation by modifying our grid and buying electricity from producers

    – Installing wind turbines on detached mole. (As confirmed by MOD viability report)

    – Using combined cycle power stations or combined heat and power

    – setting an import ban on incandescent light bulbs

    – Zero import duty and taxes on Hybrids, or SVO vehicles and kits

    – Zero import duty on renewable energy equipment (Solar water heaters, solar panels, micro wind turbines etc)

    – Providing grants to homeowners to use green technologies

    It’s by using available alternatives such as these today, as well as cutting back on our energy consumption, that will help us address the difficulties our present reliance on fossil fuels presents.