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    The ESG would like to comment on the recent announcements in the spanish media that the Spanish Govt. has given the go-ahead to a UK/American firm to prospect for oil along La Costa del Sol…running from Gibraltar through to Almeria in a stretch they call Alboran Sea.


    Not satisfied, it seems, with the massive ecological impact of her heavy industies in the Bay area, Spain is actively encouraging further degradation.


    There are 2 main points here:


    1) Oil rigs and exploration are NOT compatible with an established tourist economy, important to both Spain and Gibraltar. This will pose aesthetic as well as environmental problems as the process of drilling and accidental spillages will undoubtedly occur therefore creating an increase in the marine pollution already being inflicted on our marine environment.


    2) Such actions by the Spanish Govt. confirm they have no overall management plan overseeing the impact of her many heavy industries contaminating the Bay and all the inhabitants.


    Looking back on the recent Greenpeace actions and the nature of the spanish media reporting, one can only wonder at future headlines….


    EG. Oil rig collapses…off Gibraltar waters etc. etc.


    The ESG believes that a full enquiry into this matter by the Govt. of Gibraltar is justified, and ask the community to support the growing call for a ban against this project by the inhabitants living along this coastline.


    The ESG shall also be contacting International Conservation Organisations to ask for their assistance to stop this project.