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  • OESCO Noise and Emissions

    The Environmental Safety Group welcomes the announcement from Government that works to sound proof the OESCO power station will be commencing shortly. The group has been campaigning on this for a number of years now and hopes that the proposed measures will alleviate the discomfort suffered by residents of the Jumper’s area with regards to noise.

    It would, however, point out that the problem of elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide in the area remains unabated and requires equal attention. Continued exposure to elevated levels of NO2 can irritate the lungs and lower resistance to respiratory diseases such as influenza (www.gibraltarairquality.gi.). The ESG therefore urges Government to also make a commitment to reducing atmospheric pollution from the power station by implementing the recommended measures such as increasing stack heights.

    Finally, the group is pleased to note that the tender process for the new power station has now been initiated and hopes that the new facility will be in operation by 2010, as currently projected. However, the group asks Government to publish details on the environmental compliance of the new power station as soon as possible.