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  • NO to nuclear submarines

    Now that the latest politicised commentary on visits by nuclear submarines to Gibraltar has died down, the ESG wish to reiterate its strong opposition to these visits, for whatever reasons, be they recreational or operational.

    As we have stated in the past, in the event of a nuclear accident, the local population would be trapped within the confines of the Rock, leaving us little chance of escaping the perils of radiation. The submarines also expose us to greater risk in times of global unrest.

    Nuclear submarine visits to the Rock represent significant and unnecessary risks to the health of the people of Gibraltar. The ESG would also like to remind Government that the leaflets distributed to UK residents living near nuclear berths have still not been made available locally, leaving the community ill-informed and unprepared.

    On a related matter and one that is often misconceived, the ESG wishes to congratulate the environmentalists across the border for succeeding in getting the European Commission to address the issue of repairs to HMS Tireless in Gibraltar. These repairs were strongly opposed by many on both sides of the border. The Commission is in fact investigating the Tireless issue on grounds of not adequately informing the public on emergency procedures in case of a radiation leak, something we, as a group, have been campaigning for, for some time.

    The ESG will continue to publicly oppose nuclear submarine visits from an apolitical and environmental platform.