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    In what must be the most ironic of timings, the Algeciras barge disaster of the early hours outside Cepsa Refinery has clearly settled the issue that targetting Gibraltar as Greenpeace did yesterday, on the question of hazards to the environment in the Bay, is illfounded and mistaken.


    The ESG is concerned that the contents of the barge will empty out into the Bay with up to 1000 tons of fuel on board. The ESG understand that the Port authority has closed all marinas and the port. They are also concerned about the rest of the coastline and ask what is being done to mitigate the worst of any of the polluting effects from the barge. The environmental impact could be considerable and we urge the public to make themselves available to counter any pollution which may hit Gibraltar’s coastline.


    Finally the ESG confirm that they have written to Greenpeace International today outlining the issues as they stand, highlighted very unfortunately by this latest disaster in the spanish waters.